Jerry Jernej Kelih working as Digital Nomad with his Apple MacBookPro on a boat in Åros, Norway

Life of a Digital Nomad – Weekend office on the Boat ⚓ ⚓ ⚓

As a digital nomad I lived and worked everywhere and sometimes can be difficult to find a good place to work. But there are times that all this travel can be awesome and rewarding, like this days when I am staying and working from a nice boat here in Åros, Norway. I love it :) Have a great weekend!


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  1. Whoop whoop, just discovered your blog and am happy to find more digital nomads who kitesurf ;) In case you want to share your insights (because the wifi/internet is always a topic for those who work online and want to kite at remote spots) you could join this facebook group I created for kitesurfing digital nomads:

    Love your spot guide btw!

    Probably see you somewhere around the world at a windy spot ;)

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